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Edmonton Photo Editing Services in Alberta & Worldwide

Aside from hand-drawn art, I offer digital photo editing services using Adobe Photoshop to make adjustments, corrections, and manipulations of photos.

Background replacement, dream-like superimposition.   (Click the photos for a larger view.)
Photoshop Services in Edmonton, Alberta
Superimposition, removal of background items.   (Click the photos for a larger view.)
Edmonton Photo Editing
Colour changes, enhanced vibrancy.   (Click the photos for a larger view.)
Photo editing in Edmonton, Alberta

Common Uses


Pricing is based on the complexity of the adjustments needed, to be determined after viewing the photo(s) you want edited and a description of what you're looking for. Before the final payment is due, you will get to approve a watermarked sample of the completed photo to ensure you're happy.

Complexity Estimated Labour Cost
Simple $10.00 - $80.00 per photo
Moderate $80.00 - $180.00 per photo
Complex $180.00 - $280.00+ per photo

Since every project is unique, some quotes may fall outside of the ranges.

Edmonton Photoshop Services

Online Convenience

With digital photo editing, everything is done online, from the transfer of the photos to the payment. Not only is it convenient for both parties and saves time, but it makes it possible to do photo editing projects for anyone in the world.

Scanned Photos

If your photos were not taken from a digital camera, please have them scanned into a digital format as a JPEG or TIFF. The resolution/DPI setting is extremely important here - use 300dpi if you wish to get prints made of the edited photo at the same size as the original, or 600dpi for twice the size, and so on. Feel free to ask for clarification about this.

Getting the Results Printed

Once you receive the finalized digital photo(s) from me, you simply take them to the print shop of your choice. I do not have my own photo lab, but there are plenty of options available such as London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Costco, or your local print shop.

NOTE: Prices mentioned on this page are in Canadian dollars (CAD) and do not include taxes.