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Custom Artwork & Portraits from Edmonton, AB, Canada

Sorry, commission requests closed as of 2018. Best of luck with your search!

Transform a photograph into a beautiful work of art by having it meticulously hand-drawn. Whether it's of your pet(s), your kid(s), a wedding photo, a family crest, or anything of your choosing, it makes a very personal and memorable gift - even if it's just for you!

#1 Requirement

Do you have a high-resolution, digital photo of the subject? This is very important so that I can clearly see the details in order to capture them.

What's Included?

Things to Consider


Custom artwork does cost significantly more than buying a ready-made print, because not only are you buying the original work of art, you are paying for the time and labour to create it.

You will be quoted upfront with an estimate of the total costs based on the size and specs of your project. To help give you an idea of what to expect, common sizes and their approximate price ranges are provided below.

Size Estimated Labour Cost Original Artwork Photo Paper Print Digital Scan Progress Photos
8x10" $200 - $300 Included Included Included Included
11x14" $300 - $400 Included Included Included Included
14x18" $400 - $500 Included Included Included Included
18x24" $500 - $600 Included Included Included Included
20x30" $600 - $700 Included Included Included Included
24x36" $700 - $1000 Included Included Included Included

Since every project is unique, the labour ranges are based on varying complexities of the artwork to give you approximate prices.
Some quotes may fall outside of the ranges.

Custom Artwork & Personal Portraits Edmonton

Turnaround Time

Since my primary career is in Web Design & Development, my spare time for artwork is limited. The turnaround time can vary significantly based on the size and complexity of your desired project, as well as when you would ideally like to have it done by. Do contact me with what you have in mind and we'll see if we can work it out!

NOTE: Prices mentioned on this page are in Canadian dollars (CAD) and do not include taxes.
Commissioned, Personal Portrait

Master Madan (Child) Pencil Sketch

Pride Art - Rainbow Fingerprint Tree

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