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Marilyn Monroe Art for Sale - Word Art

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Title: Marilyn Monroe
Price Range: $15.00 - $220.00 CAD  (options vary)
Edition Type: Open Edition Giclée Print (Canvas Only)
Category: Ink Drawings
Sub-Category: Word Art
Primary Medium: Ink Pens
Available Sizes: View Sizing Chart - Click Here
Upload Date: 2014-05-16
Completion Date: 2014-05-15
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Depicted here is the legendary Marilyn Monroe, famous during the 1950s and 60s as an actress, model and singer who became a major sex symbol.

This hand-drawn portrait is made out of words, comprised of biographical information as well as movie titles she's been in.

Behind the Scenes: View photos of how this artwork was made from start to finish! The Making of Marilyn Monroe.

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My artistic renderings of celebrities are done without their knowledge and expressed permission, but are done with much love and respect for them.